The 4th edition of the Fondue World Championship offers a host of new features. One of the most important is digital: like all major festivals, the Fondue World Championship 2023 is going 100% cashless.

Cash, credit/debit cards, Twint and other forms of payment will not be accepted in the event's restaurants, bars and stands.
All purchases are made with the Cashless card.


How does it work ?

1) I pick up my Cashless card
Cashless cards are handed out with the entry kit at all cash desks (access control points) located at the entrances to Tartegnin village, as well as at the A-One Center cash desk in the Route de l'Etraz parking lot. The cash desk in the village center also dispenses Cashless cards as needed.

2) I load my Cashless card
- by scanning the QR Code on it (Twint, debit/credit card or Google/Apple Pay)
- online at (button at bottom of page)
- at a cashier/bank in the village of Tartegnin

3) I pay for my purchases with my card
I place my card on the reader at the requested time and it's done !

4) I request a balance refund
To obtain a refund of my card balance:
a) I scan the QR Code on my card
b) I create an account and enter my bank details
Balance refund requests can be made from Monday November 20, 8:00 am to December 17, 2023.

Questions - Answers

What is cashless ?

• Cashless is the only way to pay for your purchases at all Mondial de Fondue points of sale. To pay for your order, simply swipe your card at the payment terminal. The operator will show you the amount of your order before swiping your card, and your new balance will also be shown;
• Cashless allows you to top up your account before or during the Mondial de fondue on the Mondial de fondue website (

Why create a cashless account ?

By creating an account, you can :
• View your card balance and transaction history;
• Block your card and obtain a new one in the event of loss or theft;
• Reload before the event via the website, and pick up your pre-loaded card on arrival;
• Obtain a refund of your balance at the end of the event;
• Request a receipt for your consumption.
Please note that creating an online account is optional and can be done at any time.

How to create a cashless account ?

Before you go to the event
• Go to the Mondial de fondue website (;
• Enter your e-mail address;
• Fill in the required fields (last name, first name, etc.);
• Enter your ticket number;
• Pre-load the desired amount;
• Pick up your pre-loaded card at the Mondial de Fondue entrance.

After collecting your cashless card
• Go to the Mondial de Fondue website (;
• Enter your e-mail address;
• Fill in the required fields (last name, first name, etc.);
• Enter your cashless card number (activation code on the back of the card);
• Load the desired amount and use the card to pay for your drinks.

How do I recover my card ?

If you have pre-loaded your card before the event, it will be given to you at the Mondial de Fondue entrance.
If you have not pre-loaded your card, you can ask for an empty card at the Mondial de Fondue entrance or at an MdF bank. You can top it up with Twint, debit/credit card, Google/apple Pay or cash. You can then create an account using the number on the card.

How do I top up my account ?

Before the event, you can top up your card in two ways:
• When you buy your ticket, you can pre-load your account by choosing the amount you want, just after entering your first and last names;
• You can top up online by creating an account on the website (

During the event, you can top up your card in three ways:
• With your smartphone on the Mondial de fondue website (;
• At the "cashless banks" in Tartegnin;
• By scanning the QR code on your card (quick top-up without an account).
You can top up your account as many times as you like, before and during the event.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen ?

If you have created an account on the website, you can request that your card be blocked by visiting the cashless bank in the village centre.
You need to create an account to block your card. If you have not created an account for your card, it will not be possible to block it.
Your card is like your wallet : if you lose it, the money stored on it will also be lost.

What happens to my money after the event ?

• If there is money left on your cashless account, you can request a refund of this balance from 20 November 2023 at 8:00am to 17 December 2023 at 11:59pm from your cashless account;
• If you have already created your cashless account, a "refund request" button will be available on the module to make your request;
• If you have not yet created your account, you must first create your cashless account using the 6-letter identifier on your card before making your refund request;
• No requests for refunds will be accepted after the deadline;
• We are unable to refund amounts of less than CHF 1.-.

Do I have to create an account ?

No, you can top up your card using the QR code on your card or at cashless banks. Your card will then remain completely anonymous.
Please note : in this case, your card cannot be blocked in the event of loss or theft.

Can I use a card from another event ?

No, it is not possible to use an other card than the one provided during the Mondial de fondue 2023.

Is there a charge for the card ?

No, this card is completely free. Please note, however, that we are unable to refund balances of less than CHF 1.-.

How can I check my card balance ?

• If you have created an account, you can check your balance on the Mondial de Fondue website (;
• Your balance is also communicated to you after each transaction;
• You can request your balance at any time, at any point of sale, simply by scanning your card.

Can I access a summary of my transactions ?

Yes, you can access the summary of your transactions via your account on the Mondial de Fondue website (

How can I take care of my card ?

Your card is equipped with an electronic chip in which your money is stored. Take care of it to avoid any problems ! Avoid any exposure to heat or flame, and above all do not try to pierce it : this would render it immediately inoperative.

Is it possible to share an account for several people ?

You can manage different wallets from a single account. Simply create as many wallets as you want from your account. A single bank card will be used for all the wallets, and the amounts are specific to each wallet : you will not be able to transfer money from one to another.