The world fondue in Tartegnin

The global contest dedicated to the preparation of Fondue !


You know how to cook Cheese Fondue, but can your recipe prove best in the world? Take on the challenge by participating in the world’s global fondue competition. Go head-to-head with others at your level, show off your fondue skills, experiment and create new and unique flavours and try to win the title of Word Champion!

This original and open contest will consist of two heats: the preselections in the morning and the grande-finale in the afternoon. In each category (amateurs, professionals), fondues, cooked with the same equipment and made with at least 50% Gruyère AOP, will be evaluated after tasting accompanied by the same bread and wine. There is also the opportunity for visitors to apply to be part of the amateur jury.

The authentic charm of The Swiss countryside


The world’s third fondue competition will take place in the village of Tartegnin, Switzerland. Situated between Geneva and Lausanne, the village offers the perfect surrounding for the event steeped in the best of Swiss tradition. At a height of 498 meters, offering panoramic views of both Lake Geneva and the Alps, Tartegnin bears all the hallmarks of a Swiss mountain village and maintains the welcoming, friendly atmosphere one would expect from such a picturesque location.

During the competition, a bus will be running between the nearby town of Rolle and Tartegnin. Upon arrival, visitors can check out the village, it’s streets and alleys where one can discover Artisan shops and stalls running all-day.

Fine wine country


The name Tartegnin is a reputable title in the wine world, as the region produces reds, whites and rosés of an exceptional quality enjoyed around the world. The village wine-makers often host open-cellar days for the viewing pleasure of the public. These tours provide insight into the partisan production of wine and the refined knowledge of the wine-makers.

It is in these cellars, made available free of charge, that the competition will take place. Presets will take place in the morning, before giving way for the Swiss workshops in the afternoon.